Alejandro Corona AKAs Crown, Coronon,Corona,Alex or Francois Meme

He was born and raise in the city on Mexicali. His favorite song is GarbageMan from The Cramps,

Favorite food :Chicken Wings and Bubas. He like to assit to events such as AgroBaja and Covivios in Abe's House.

Sport teams he support Edit

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Patriots
  3. Red Bulls
  4. Mariners

Hobbies Edit

Favorite books Edit

"1984" George Orwell

"The Prince" NIcolas Maquiavelo

"Art of War" Sun Tzu

Favorite Car Edit

Subaru impreza 1997 Rally

Favorite Songs Edit

  1. "GarbageMan" The Cramps
  2. "Sundown" Gordon Lightfoot
  3. "Fight Song" Marlin Manson
  4. "Welcome to Hell" Venom
  5. "Static Age" Misfits
  6. "Highway To Hellll" AC/DC
  7. "Satellite" Rise Against
  8. "Diary of a Madman" Ozzy Osbourne
  9. "Spiral Architect" Black Sabbath
  10. "Jumping Jack Flash" Rolling Stones