César Adrián Galván Aguilar Robles was born in Brawley, California and raised in Mexicali, Baja Mexico.





He spend a lot of time with his two dogs which he loves, a french poodle named Baloo and a Poodle/Schnauzer breed named Archie. Both of them were adopted by himself. 


PornStar Racing

One of his passions is BAJA racing. Off-road racing is part of Mexicali's culture, in fact, Baja is considered one of the main sports in the state. For many people it is a lifestyle where many risks are taken but in the end, worth all by the effort. Being behind the steering wheel and feel the adrenaline running through your veins is unique.He used to race a few years back but at the moment, he is working with his team to build a new race car and get back to the track again.

IPhone's 037

With Josh Bradford from Silverstein

He loves music and enjoys listening to it all day long. He plays guitar. He frequently attends to concerts where he had the opportunity to meet and become friend from many of his favorite bands. Some of the bands that he has recently watched live are: 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, A Day to Remember, Imagine Dragons, Avenged Sevenfold, Deadmau5, Maroon 5, The killers, Paramore and many more. 


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Lionel Messi

Besides Off-road, Football is his favorite sport. He used to play football when he was a kid and achieved some local championships. His favorite team is FC Barcelona , and of course, his favorite player is Lionel Messi. 

Favorite food

  • Pizza
  • Sushi
  • Hot Wings

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